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The British Virgin Islands (BVI) Yacht Charters

Sailing, diving, fishing, and soaking up the sun on perfect beaches is what it’s all about on the 60 idyllic British Virgin Islands. The largest island Tortola, home to the capital Road Town, is a 12 by 3 mile haven of white sand, lush green mountains, ruins, and rum distilleries. Discover underwater caves at the beautiful Virgin Gorda. Get a taste of Island Time which rules on laid-back Jost Van Dyke, where swim-up bars serve delicious rum concoctions. And explore one of the Caribbean’s largest coral reefs on Anegada Island.

★ Line-of-sight Navigation

★ World-Class Diving

★ Favorite Beach Bars: Foxy's & Soggy Dollar Bar


When is the Best Time to Charter in the BVI?

The main charter season in the BVI spans from December to March, with a peak around Christmas/New Year. Notice the interesting months of April and November, which offer discounted deals in the British Virgin Islands.

Make sure to book your BVI yacht charter well in advance. Ideally, you would inquire about your coming charter 12 months in advanceWHY? The best charter yachts are often fully booked long in advance and it’s not unusual to see popular dates booked 2 summers ahead for a BVI yacht charter. Inquiring less than 6 months ahead often means that your first choice is unavailable for charter.

How do I get to the BVI?

To reach the British Virgin Islands (BVI), you have several options. The main gateway is Beef Island Airport (EIS), which offers direct flights from major cities in the USA such as San Juan (Puerto Rico), Miami (Florida), and St. Thomas (US Virgin Islands).

Alternatively, you can also travel by ferry from neighboring islands like St. Thomas or Puerto Rico.

Private yachts or plane charters are another popular way to access the BVI from the mainland or other destinations in the Caribbean. We can help you arrange private transportation to the BVI, just contact one of our brokers.

The official currency of the BVI is the US dollar – meaning no hassle of exchanging money before the charter.

The Yacht I want is in the USVI, what does that mean for my Itinerary?

We have a lot of our clients asking us: “What happens if I find a charter yacht in the USVI, but I want to do a charter in the BVI?” That is completely possible, as long as the yacht you are choosing has the correct paperwork to go to the BVI.

“Be sure to pick a broker who knows what paperwork is needed to go to the BVI, and can check that the paperwork is actually done. This is the biggest issue we are seeing.”

Mo Pristas, Charter Guru with DMA Yachting.

What does an All-Inclusive Charter actually Include?

An all-inclusive yacht charter offers a hassle-free experience with a set price that covers all expenses related to the yacht, crew, food, beverages, and activities. Clients can relax and enjoy their vacation without worrying about additional costs or budgeting for unexpected expenses. Nevertheless, the issues are the same as in a luxury All-inclusive resort – you can’t have a hot tub full of Moet…

Is the BVI Crowded in the High Season?

Despite that the British Virgin Islands is a paradise for both sailing and luxury beachfront vacations it is not yet crowded with foreign investments, international resorts, and cruise ships. Instead, it keeps its authenticity captivating visitors with unspoiled natural beauty. It is a sanctuary where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the real world, unwind, and recharge in a tranquil haven.

Here are 5 of BVI’s most untouched Islands

  1. Anegada: Known for its untouched landscapes and pristine beaches, Anegada remains one of the least developed Islands compared to other islands in the British Virgin Islands, offering an unspoiled natural environment.
  2. Great Camanoe: With limited development and a very small population, Great Camanoe retains much of its natural beauty, making it one of the more untouched islands in the BVI.
  3. Guana Island: Guana Island is a private island with controlled access. Its pristine condition offers visitors an exclusive experience in an untouched setting.
  4. Cooper Island: Cooper Island’s less crowded beaches and serene atmosphere contribute to its status as one of the more untouched islands in the BVI.
  5. Peter Island: While it has some development, Peter Island still has areas of untouched beauty, especially in its more secluded corners and natural landscapes.

If you want maximum seclusion, you should plan your BVI Yacht Charter in the low season in May, June, or November. But that said, the great thing about the BVI, is that, even in the high season, there is always the option to find secluded locations where you can enjoy the stunning nature in peace. Consult with your broker if you wish to arrange for an itinerary beforehand that takes you to the most secluded places in the BVI, or simply ask your Captain if you need a break from the other tourists.

Is the BVI Safe?

The BVI has very strict laws regarding weapons and guests are not allowed to bring firearms. But that is not necessary either, because the BVI is very safe. Piracy is unheard of, and no matter how secluded the location is in BVI, it’s safe to anchor and enjoy both the water and the shore. The docking facilities around the Islands also have top-notch security for the night, so there is no need to worry.

As for safety from the weather, the Sir Francis Drake Channel protects the vessels from big waves from the ocean. Furthermore, the BVI is quite far south– meaning it would take weeks for a hurricane to reach them, giving seafarers enough warning to plan ahead and avoid bad weather.

What are the Advantages of an APA Yacht Charter?

An APA yacht charter is popular for clients seeking a customized, high-end experience. In this charter arrangement, the client pays a base fee for the yacht rental and crew. On top of this base fee, an advance provisioning allowance (APA) is added, typically around 20-30% of the yacht’s base rental cost. This APA is intended to cover expenses such as food, beverages, fuel, marina fees, and any other costs that might arise during the charter.

Opting for an APA charter offers advantages like flexibility in provisioning, convenience in handling expenses, transparency in budgeting, and assurance of a high-quality experience. Overall, APA charters provide a balanced approach to enjoying the beauty of the BVI while indulging in a customized, top-tier yachting experience.

What does no VAT mean for my Yacht Charter in the BVI??

VAT might not at first seem like a big deal, but when you’re hit with a hefty bill from a destination with high VAT, it’s a different story. Many popular charter destinations around the world have introduced VAT, with places like Greece charging a whole 24% and the Bahamas charging 10%. This tax can significantly inflate your overall expenses and draw from a budget you could otherwise have used on more luxury, fun activities, or an extended charter.

This is exactly where the British Virgin Islands come into the picture: with no VAT, this is a smart choice for those looking to save or splurge on more luxurious experiences during their charter. Besides, BVI is a shopper’s paradise, offering a variety of local artwork, jewelry, and precious- and gemstones —without the added tax burden. Enjoy your guilt-free shopping spree!

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