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Great Harbour

Posted by Naz on April 24, 2018
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The Great Harbor is deep and provided ample protection. The southeastern side of the harbor provides the best anchoring space for charter yachts as the water is moderately deep and has a slanted bottom. If you want to moor you can head to the southwest side of the harbor where there is a host of mooring ready for BVI charter travelers. The mooring area has more wind so you have to find the spot where you are most comfortable. Waking up to the sunrise while moored at the great harbor can be one of the highlights of your trip to Peter Island.

Great Harbour, Photo by: monica.trego (Source: Instagram)
Great Harbour, Photo by: monica.trego (Source: Instagram)

General Information

The Great Harbor is a big harbor that provides anchoring for charter yachts on the eastern shore and ample moorings. It is a deep harbor and opens towards the channel so approaching it is very easy. The eastern shore of the harbor has a depth of 30-35 feet. It is an ideal place for anchoring. The center of the harbor is 80 feet deep so anchoring is not feasible there. It is a great site for mooring none the less. The western side of the harbor has a great mooring site. There are some very good snorkeling opportunities along the reefs for yacht charter tourists. The Great Harbor also has the Ocean’s Seven Beach club, Sprat Bay and the yacht harbor in the walking distance.

Great Harbour, Photo by : sailfinishline (Source : Instagram)
Great Harbour, Photo by : sailfinishline (Source : Instagram)

What to do in Great Harbor?

Great Harbour, Photo by: escapetoghc (Source: Instagram)

Great Harbor is a very good snorkeling destination. At the western end of Great Harbor lies the Buttonwood Bay. The coral reef there starts at just 8 feet and drops down to 40 feet which is ideal for yacht charter tourists to really get to know the marine life of Great Harbor. This coral reef is home to thousands of fishes, a wide variety of coral and purple sea fans.

Restaurant and Amenities

Oceans 7 Beach Club

Oceans 7 Beach Club is located in the Great Harbor. It is accessible by boat only. The Restaurant offers lunch and dinner by the sea with the Caribbean and Continental cuisine. The Restaurant offers water sports facilities such as kayaking and a water park, which has been a successful attraction for tourists. The Restaurant offers a monthly “Pig Roast” that attracts tourists as well as locals.

Ocean's 7 Beach Club, Photo by: sailingadela (Source: Instagram)

Places of Interest

Sprat Bay, Photo by: laislabonita03 (Source: Instagram)

Sprat Bay

Sprat Bay is a small harbor located on the east of Great Harbor. The Sprat Bay is dominated by Peter Island Resort. There are a handful of moorings at this bay, but they cost almost double of the other moorings. The dinghy dock is at the marina. The marina provides amenities such as water, fuel, trash disposal, showers, and electricity.

The Great Harbor is your gateway to Peter Island. Enjoy Peter Island while your charter yacht enjoys the anchorage or mooring of the Great Harbor.

Great Harbour is located on the island of:

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