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Little Jost Van Dyke

Posted by Naz on April 22, 2018
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Little Jost Van Dyke is located at the east end of Jost Van Dyke. There are two anchorage sites which can be used by BVI yacht charter vessels: At the South West side of the island to North of the Long Bay or At the East side of the island behind the Green Cay and Sandy Spit. The South West side provides enough protection for the charter yachts to be anchored safely during the day when the South East swell is less. The pass between Little Jost Van Dyke and Jost Van Dyke is blocked by the reefs and the breaking swell. But during calm days, this is a beautiful spot. The East side of the island is better protected than the former anchor site but the South East swell is more powerful here than the ones on the South West side. It is not advised to plan to stay on your charter yacht overnight on this location.

General Information

Little Jost Van Dyke is a small island about 163 acres located on the east end of the island of Jost Van Dyke. It is connected to Jost Van Dyke by an isthmus that extends from Cape Wright of Jost Van Dyke to the point of land just south of Dimmie Don Point on Little Jost Van Dyke. The island Jost Van Dyke and its neighbouring island Little Jost Van Dyke take their name from the Dutch privateer Jost van Dyk. There are not any major settlements present. It is the perfect spot for anchoring during the daytime. There are beautiful beaches, dive sites like Twin Towers and The Playground. While scuba diving you could find various exquisite fishes and even the locals such as Eagle Rays and Tarpoons. There are secluded islands, Sandy Spit and Green Cay, located further west from Little Jost Van Dyke.

Little Jost Van Dyke, Photo by: David Hudson (Source Flickr)
Little Jost Van Dyke, Photo by: David Hudson (Source Flickr)

What to do in Little Jost Van Dyke?

Restaurant and Amenities

B-Line Beach Bar

This is small bar located on the south side of the Jost Van Dyke island. The members of the restaurant are the only inhabitants of the island.  It is open to limited working hours every day and is reputed among yacht charter tourists and other visitors. There are various games which can be indulged by the visitors such as corn hole. The visitors could relax on the beach while being within walking distance from the restaurant as the atmosphere is very friendly and refreshing. The Restaurant provides drinks and in the weekend’s lunch is served to range from Ribs to Chicken. The only hurdle is the fact that the charter yachts and boats have to be docked at a crumbling cement pier which is a failed fuel depot project.

Places of Interest

Diving Site: Twin Towers

Twin Towers is located on the north side of the island and is named after its structure – two large rock formation rising from 90 feet with smaller rock formations. It is a very popular Diving Site among the community of divers. There are a variety of fishes found here namely Angelfish, Jackknife fish and the local Eagle rays, which can be found in between the rocks.

Green Cay

Green Cay is a small uninhabited island located between the eastern tip of Little Jost Van Dyke and Tortola. It is covered with very less vegetation and is connected to Sandy Spit through a shallow shelf; which one could walk across. There is a dive site called “The Playground”  which is great for diving and snorkelling. Under the good weather, this is a paradise for divers.

Sandy Spit

Another small uninhabited island which is located between Sandy Cay and Green Cay. It is in spitting distance from Little Jost Van Dyke and Jost Van Dyke. It is the depiction of the perfect island with very low vegetation. During the day it is a popular spot among yacht charter tourists for relaxation. Though there are no moorings available, the sandy bottom is very suitable for anchoring.

Sandy Spit, Little Jost Van Dyke, Photo by: Fairphotos (Source: Flickr)

If you ever wondered how perfect island would look like, then visit Sandy Spits and Green Cay. And If you want to just relax on the beach while sipping on a beer, B-Line Beach Bar is the place to be in.

Little Jost Van Dyke is located on the island of:

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