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Sandy Cay

Posted by Naz on April 27, 2018
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Sandy Cay is one of the most popular islands of all the British Virgin Islands for charter yachts. The island has no man-made structures and is located north of Tortola and south of Jost Van Dyke. When the swells are running, this daytime anchorage can be quite rough. Located about 1 mile off of Little Jost Harbor towards Tortola, this perfectly shaped island is visible anywhere from the north or west of Tortola and from the south of Jost Van Dyke. Moorings and anchorage are available towards the west of the island. The island is just a short dinghy ride away from the Little Jost, and if the conditions are right, it should be an easy ride. If you are departing from Great Harbor during your yacht charter, the distance is less than 1 nautical mile.

This tiny island off the southeast coast of Jost Van Dyke is geographically very interesting. The east side is volcanic while the west is more coral reef atoll. The middle is a wetland area, occupied by varied species of birds. The maintained trails across the small island as far as up to the Eastern bluff, will let you walk through with some amazing views on offer along the way. On this bluff, the northern swell comes ashore.

Sandy Cay Photot by: bviblackbook (Source : Instagram)
Sandy Cay Photot by: bviblackbook (Source : Instagram)

General Information

Sandy Cay is a managed habitat with an area of 13.57 acres. The island is uninhabited and it was previously owned by the Laurance Rockefeller Estate. Rockefeller put a great deal of effort and time to return the island to its original state by planting indigenous plants, hence ensuring the continued growth of the local flora and fauna. The ownership changed hands on 1st May 2008 and now the island belongs to the National Parks Trust of the Virgin Islands.

The island has pristine white sand and ideal snorkelling options, which makes it one of the most popular British Virgin Island yacht charter destinations. It is like a little jewel dangling from the east of Jost Van Dyke. With a tropical backdrop and no building in sight, this little jewel will be like your own private Eden.

Sandy Cay Photo by: tropicsdaily (Source : Instagram)
Sandy Cay Photo by: tropicsdaily (Source : Instagram)

What to do in Sandy Cay?

Sandy Cay is the dreamland you have always wanted to charter a yacht to. The island possesses coconut palms towering over the white sandy beach, along with Banyan trees, Sea Grapes trees, and Turpentine trees, and is endowed with more than 90 different varieties of local flora. Chartering from the east end, you will get to enjoy a 360 view of the reefs and the nearby islands. The numbers of mammals are controlled within the island for ecological reasons, but you will see different varieties of crabs and reptiles, including geckos and anoles. The well-maintained trail of this tropical isle will take you to a trip around it. The hike past lizards and hermit crabs, to the top of Sandy Cay should not be missed. Make sure you have proper shoes on as there are coral and cactus along the way. Owing to the copper ore deposits, the rocks on the island have a greenish colour. There is also a small pond right in the middle of the island.

Sandy Cay, Photo by: eddies_in_time (Source: Instagram)

Anchoring is done off the southeast side of this small island. Be aware of the rocky areas, if you are moving too far north. The current there is strong and the area can be subject to swell, and hence, you must be very aware if you are looking for a swim. There is good snorkelling over the coral on the windward side, but you have to be sure that the weather is in the right condition. On the shore, you can take in the most beautiful views with the softest and deepest sand under your feet. With the waves curling in perfect shape to touch your feet, this little island will put you in a trance. All in all, it is a wonderful stop for tourists, be it for a few hours or a whole day.

Feel the Experience at Sandy Cay!

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Bereft of the banalities of your daily life, the tiny island will take you to a trip to heaven.

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