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Norman Island

Posted by Naz on April 23, 2018
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Norman Island is located at the southern end of BVI. The island is uninhabited and has an area of 610 acres. It is approximately 2.5 miles long and it is one of the legendary islands of the British Virginia Islands archipelago. It is one of the most serene BVI Yacht Charter destinations.

Norman Island shares the island chain that extends towards the south of Tortola and it is very close to the boundary that separates USVI from the BVI. You will fall in love with the amazing views from the northern part of this island. The strait called, Sir Francis Drake Channel separates Tortola from Norman Island. The island is just seven miles south of Tortola and this proximity is what makes it an excellent choice to spend the first or the last night before the long trip in the rest of the BVI charters.

NormanIsland, Photo by: britishvirginis (Source: Instagram)
NormanIsland, Photo by: britishvirginis (Source: Instagram)

General Information

Norman Island is infused with legends of pirates, buried treasures and many other fanciful tales. Some say that the island has inspired Robert Louis Stevenson to write his famous adventure novel, Treasure Island. It has a host of hidden bays, caves and wrecks, and tourists go there on their chartered yachts with a hope of finding treasure to this day.

There are many other islands and bays in the British Virgin Islands to charter a yacht to, but none of them are as intriguing as Norman Island.

Norman Island, Photo by: ericabo (Source : Instagram)
Norman Island, Photo by: ericabo (Source : Instagram)

What to do in Norman Island?

NormanISland, Photo by: caribbeanbuzzhelicopters (Source: Instagram)

Norman Island is full of rocky headlands, rolling hills, bays and has myriads of places if you are looking to swim, dive, snorkel or just eat and be joyful.

Restaurant and Amenities

Pirates Bight Restaurant

Pirates Bight restaurant is located on the southeast end of the Bight. The original restaurant on this place was called Billy Jones. Dr Henry Jarecki changed the name to “Pirates Bight” after he bought the island. The place went through periods of difficulties but always found a way out of it all and is still one of the most popular and iconic places on the island.

The restaurant can seat up to 150 people and has a double-sided bar. It has a charming lounge area where you can wait for your table. The view from the Bight is quite spectacular. The interior is quite delightful itself with faux wicker chairs, teak tables and travertine tile floor. The meals are of the highest order, and hence a bit pricey. The kitchen there is very spacious and has all the modern appliances and stainless-steel countertops.

Pirates Bight Restaurant, Photo by: _call_me_carol_ (Source: Instagram)
Pirates Bight Restaurant, Photo by: _call_me_carol_ (Source: Instagram)

The Club Restaurant

The club was initially built as a substitute for Pirates Bight when it was burned to the ground. But the temporary building became popular and was too nice to demolish. It is mainly a tapas restaurant. The kitchen staff prepare the tapas meticulously. The top-selling items at The Club are conch ceviche, Anatto chicken, grilled jumbo shrimp and lobster paella. The most popular drinks are the spicy Margarita, British 75, freshly squeezed juices, bushwhacker and the hurricane. It is a popular destination for yacht charter guests to stop by and enjoy a delicious meal.

Willy T floating bar and restaurant

Affectionately known just as The Willy T, this one-of-a-kind floating bar lies just to the southeast corner of the Bight. The place starts to get crowded during the lunchtime and the atmosphere during the afternoon starts to get crazy. Things might seem a bit turbulent once ski shots start, but you will have to condone all of it since it is still a jumping place and fun is all everyone wants to have there.

Willy T floating bar and restaurant, Photo by: sunshinedaydreamcharters (Source: Instagram)
Willy T floating bar and restaurant, Photo by: sunshinedaydreamcharters (Source: Instagram)

Places of Interest

Anchorages at Norman Island

The Island has some of the most eye-catching anchorages of BVI. Soldier Bay, Money Bay, Privateer Bay, The Caves are probably few of the names you already know if you have read Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Fret not if you have not; they will all come to life once you witness them on your own. You must also pay a visit to The Bight, Kelly’s Cove, Benures Bay and The Carvel to complete the experience. It is quite flabbergasting to think that such a small island could have so many amazing places for tourists.

Anchorages at Norman Island, Photo by: akuderew (Source : Instagram)
Anchorages at Norman Island, Photo by: akuderew (Source : Instagram)

Norman Island Ruins

If you are in a mood for hiking and you decide to explore the island, you might bump into the ruins left behind from the plantation era. Despite the ruins, the skill of the stonemasons during that period will be pretty evident to you. One of the buildings, for example, still has one part of a wall that remains intact.

Turtle Cove

The way to get to Turtle Cove is by hiking across the road just beside Pirates Bight Restaurant. It is a pretty short distance but make sure you bring a bottle of water with you. The road offers a pleasant view of The Bight and Treasure Point. The road behind the Pirates Bight, however, will lead you to the crest of the hill.

Trails over the Island

The island has a number of different trails. If you walk along the road towards the ruins, or to the east or west end, you can go as far as up to Money Bay. Be sure to bring a cell phone or a VHF with you, if you are going very far. On your way up to the hill, you will find the salt pond, which is located roughly two hundred yards from the restaurant. If you are lucky, you will get to meet hermit crabs, also known as soldier crabs once you reach the top of the hill.

Feel the Experience at Norman Island!

Soak up the amazing atmosphere and let the stories unfold themselves on an unforgettable journey at Norman Island.

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