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The Bight

Posted by Naz on April 24, 2018
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The Bight is located on the north shore of Norman Island. This is a well-sheltered bay and its location is very convenient to spend the first or the last night before the long trip in the rest of the BVI yacht charters. For the uninitiated, this is just the place to run through the mooring ball etiquette that works throughout the islands. So, make sure this is your first stop on your list of the sailing itinerary in the British Virginia Islands.

It is relatively simple to sail into The Bight. The water is deep and you have to be mindful of the rocks that are there just off the western tip of Waterpoint. If you remain in the center of the opening of The Bight, you have nothing to worry about. If your approach is from the north through Pelican Island, you must avoid the pass that is in the middle of Pelican Island and the Indians. If you are approaching with your charter yacht from the south of The Bight, be aware of Santa Maria rock that is located at the southwestern tip of Carvel Point. The anchorage has about 76 mooring balls available for BVI yacht charter vessels while the anchorages nearby have only 17. Shallow draft vessels can anchor to the shore in many places just by using stern anchors and bow.

The Bight, Photo by: aandwadventures (Source: Instagram)
The Bight, Photo by: aandwadventures (Source: Instagram)

General Information

The anchorage is one of the most famous ones and has a reputation for being the most sought-after destination for the sailors and yacht charter tourists in the British Virginia Islands. It was once known as the Man of War Bay that signifies the stiff contention between the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, and Britain for their pursuit to occupy the Caribbean real estate.

The Bight is a haven for mooring balls and has plenty of options to pick from all year round. These are maintained and taken care of by the restaurant ashore, called the Pirates Bight. You can anchor your charter yacht on the edge of the mooring field. To keep the swinging arc away from the boats can be a bit challenging, hence it is not recommended to do so.

The Bight , Photo by : coldwellbankerislandaffiliates (Source : Instagram)
The Bight , Photo by : coldwellbankerislandaffiliates (Source : Instagram)

What to do in The Bight?

The Bight, Photo by: justinofconnell (Source: Instagram)

The Bight will give you a bountiful opportunity for mooring your charter yacht. This is what makes this place a hassle-free experience for everyone. You can dive, snorkel or even go for hiking, or enjoy amazing meals at the Pirates Bight and the Willy T.

Restaurant and Amenities

Pirates Bight Restaurant

Pirates Bight Restaurant and Bar is situated on the eastern beach of the anchorage. The restaurant has the capacity to serve up to 150 people at a time and has a double-sided bar. A lovely lounge area inside the Pirates Bight will let you lay back whilst waiting for your table. It offers a great view of the west out of the harbour from within the restaurant. The happy hour is from 4pm-6pm and 10 pm until midnight every day. They have some of the greatest meals in the BVI and hence it is a very busy but a fun spot with live entertainment. The restaurant has a gift shop with the theme “all things pirate,” if that takes your fancy.

Pirates Bight Restaurant, Photo by: smwickman (Source: Instagram)

William Thornton Floating Bar and Restaurant

This is a rowdy bar and people affectionately call it just as the Willy T. It is located on the southern section and known as one of the main attractions of The Bight. The place is ideal for partiers who want to go crazy and are ready to drop their inhibitions.

William Thornton Floating Bar and Restaurant, Photo by: bviblackbook (Source: Instagram)

Places of Interest

Sail Caribbean Divers, Photo by: mattanderson8 (Source: Instagram)

Sail Caribbean Divers

They have a little shop right next to Pirate’s Bight Restaurant but they are trying to have something more permanent.  If you want to take diving or scuba lessons, buy gears for snorkeling or scuba, or sunglasses and water toy, go to this place beside the Pirates Bight. The lessons will be given on the beach in front of the restaurant.

Norman Island Caves, Photo by: laurieborrett (Source: Instagram)

Norman Island Caves

It is very popular among the visitors to take a dinghy trip to these caves given the legends revolving around Treasure Point and the Caves are nothing short of spellbinding. A dinghy line just outside the Caves will let you tie on and have an amazing experience of snorkelling and swimming. Bring one underwater flashlight with you to get a better view of the inside of the caves. The National Parks moorings are for daytime use only and you can have an easy access to the Caves if you wish to stop there for a quick swim or lunch, but you need a permit to use these.


There is a trail that starts right beside the Pirates Bight restaurant which will lead you to the top of the hill. You will get to cherish some of the most beautiful views along the way and have some good exercise. Make sure you are wearing the proper shoes for hiking. Avoid flip flops as you will find a lot of jagged rocks and spiky cactus on your way. If you are lucky to meet the wild goats of the island, you should stay clear of them.

Feel the Experience at White Bay!

The Bight is steeped in history and fantastic tales of pirates. Unravel the mysteries surrounding this exquisite place all by yourself.

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