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Posted by Naz on April 22, 2018
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When you begin your yacht charter journey, it is favorable to leave for Anegada from North Sound in the early hours. As you start for Anegada you will face a strong current as it comes through the Neckers Island Passage on the South side as you are leaving North Sound. This current eases off as you face towards Horseshoe Reef. The wind also has a westward bias so you have to steer towards the east a bit. Anegada is a low coral island that rests 28 feet above sea level at its highest point so it is difficult to spot it from the open ends unless you are 4 to 6 miles away from it.

The Entrance channel is about a mile from the beach near setting point. As you proceed with your chartered yacht, you’ll find the entrance marked by red and green markers. From the entrance, the Setting point is approximately 060 degrees magnetic. The channel markers are between Neptune’s treasure and Pomato Point. Pass between the entrance markers and turn right. You will find two more red markers further up the channel. Leave them to the right and pass forward. As long as you leave the red markers to your right there will be no corals in your path throughout the entrance channel. You should be able to anchor your yacht or moor as you go forward. The water is 6 to 8 feet in this area. The deepest spot is at the Setting point to the east of the green marker. From here you should be able to get to the Anegada Reef Hotel Dock. Keep in mind not to take your charter yacht far to the west or northwest of the Anegada Reef Hotel anchorage mooring ball. The water there is very shallow and if you get grounded at this point you would most likely need the assistance of a powerboat from the locals.

Anegada, Photo by: funinthesun.vi (Source: Instagram)
Anegada, Photo by: funinthesun.vi (Source: Instagram)

Anegada is the northernmost Island of the British Virgin Islands. The first thing to keep in mind is that while taking your charter yacht to Anegada, the sun is your best friend. Anegada is surrounded by submerged corals and you need good weather condition and the sun over your head to see these corals and stir clear of them. In good weather traveling to Anegada is very easy. Traveling to Anegada does not require GPS. However, having a GPS, especially the handheld ones always come in handy.

General Information

Anegada is situated 25 kilometers north of Virgin Gorda. It is a coral island that is flat and low lying. Its highest point is about 8.5 m above sea level, giving it the name “Drowned Island”. It stretches about 38 square Kilometers and is the second largest of the British Virgin Islands. It has a population of 285, as per the census of 2010 and is the most scantily populated of the main British Virgin Islands. Anegada is famous for its white sand beaches and the 30 kilometers long Horseshoe Reef. Horseshoe Reef is the largest barrier coral reef in the Caribbean. It is also the fourth largest coral reef in the world that makes traveling to Anegada fairly difficult. The settlement is the town in Anegada. The Flamingoes in Anegada are a popular tourist attraction, although the local authorities discourage too many tourists crowding the areas where the Flamingoes stay in order to preserve its sanctity. If you like seclusion, friendly people, perfectly cooked fresh lobster and awesome beauty then this is a must visit location.

Anegada, Photo by: lisabvi (Source : Instagram)
Anegada, Photo by: lisabvi (Source : Instagram)

What to do in Anegada?

Anegada, Photo by: grace_awaits (Source: Instagram)

Anegada offers a promise of rest and relaxation for its tourists. Unlike the other British Virgin Islands, Anegada does not have mountains and hills and is generally flat, so it is a perfect destination for beach bums. You can visit the Horseshoe Reef and Flash of beauty, snorkel at Loblolly beach and enjoy a “cow killer” at Cow Wreck beach bar.

Restaurant and Amenities

Anegada Reef Hotel

Anegada Reef Hotel Is located right on the beach, near the Setting point. It is a 20 room hotel opened in 1976 that offers all modern amenities. The hotel rooms offer modern facilities such as air conditioning, coffee makers, and irons. You can sip on their signature smoothies while enjoying all the beach has to offer while sitting on their spacious patios.

Anegada Reef Hotel, Photo by: britishvirginis (Source : Instagram)

Big Bamboo

Situated at Loblolly Bay, the Big Bamboo Beach Bar and Restaurant provides its customers with the best lobster in all the Islands. Diane, the chef at Big Bamboo is one of the best Anegada lobster Chefs in the world. The Big Bamboo offers cottages, Restaurant and Beach Bar for the tourists and ensures they have a relaxing Island getaway.

Big Bamboo, Photo by: ramblin_rose_of_eden (Source : Instagram)

Neptune’s Treasure

Neptune’s Treasure is owned by Randy, who also owns the most productive fishing boat in all of Anegada. It is a home-style restaurant that serves fresh lobsters every day. The establishment not only provides a pleasant and romantic environment for its guests but also serves as a landmark filled with unique history. If you plan to have dinner at Neptune’s, you have to make reservations no later than 4 pm.

Neptune's Treasure Anegada, Photo by: the_avg_travel_guy (Source: Instagram)

Places of Interest

Loblolly Beach, Photo by: socialwavestudio (Source : Instagram)

Loblolly Beach

On the northern shore of Anegada lies the Loblolly Bay. What makes this beach special is the pink tint of the sand. It is one of the best snorkeling spots among the British Virgin Islands, where visibility can extend up to 100 feet in fair weather conditions. You can have a lobster dinner and have a quiet hangout session on the pink sands of Loblolly beach.

The Settlement

Situated in the southeastern part of Anegada, near the Lower Bay, the settlement is the main village of Anegada. It has a maze of stone walls surround the village. It has about 200 inhabitants. The homes, shops, churches and official buildings of the settlement have not had the tourism makeover so you get to have the authentic cultural experience when you visit the Settlement. The Anegada Ground Iguana breeding project, called “Iguana Headstart Facility” is located in the Settlement. “The Walls”, a farming area surrounded by old stone walls can be found on the outskirts of the Settlement. If culture and heritage attract you as much as heading out in open waters on your chartered yacht, the Settlement will surely intrigue you.

Feel the Experience at Anegada!

Anegada is a beautiful paradise that can quench your thirst for relaxation by the ocean. Come be one with nature at Anegada.

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