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Necker Island

Posted by Naz on May 4, 2018
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Necker Island is completely surrounded by coral except for a narrow passage on the south side. The anchorage at Necker Island is accessible provided that you have good visibility. You can access the island with yacht charter from the south by using the west point of the island as a leading mark on 335-degrees. You can anchor south of the island in around 3 miles.

Necker Island, Photo by: eddies_in_time (Source: Instagram)
Necker Island, Photo by: eddies_in_time (Source: Instagram)

General Information

Necker Island is a small 74-acre island just north of Virgin Gorda. The island is owned by Sir Richard Branson, chairman of Virgin Group. The island operates as a resort and can accommodate about 40 guests. The island takes bookings year round. The island resort offers an excellent range of outdoor activities. It is one of the most popular BVI charter destinations for its non stop festive environment.

Necker Island, Photo by : enchanted_explorer (Source : Instagram)
Necker Island, Photo by : enchanted_explorer (Source : Instagram)

What to do in Necker Island?

Once you arrive on Necker Island by your charter yacht, you have full access to the island, which means all the activities on the island are ready for you. The swimming pool on the island is the best swimming pool in the world according to Conde Nast Traveler. Apart from modern facilities such as gym, tennis court and musical instruments, the island resort also has an extensive library. Apart from these, the Necker Island beach has a 3800 square feet beach pavilion. It includes a bar, movie room and a dining area. You can view the wildlife of Necker Island up close. The island has a variety of exotic animals for you to play with. Bird watching is also a fun pastime on the island.

Necker Island, Photo by: laurie.kite (Source: Instagram)

The island is a very popular scuba diving and snorkelling destination among BVI yacht charter travelers. The highlight of the island is the Necker Nymph, a submarine that fits 3 people. You can explore underwater up to 100 feet with this submarine. Bali Leha, the spa at the island resort offers facials, massages, and manicure, pedicure, and aromatherapy. You can also take pilates class here.

The Resort offers watersports such as Kitesurfing, waterskiing and water surfing. Sailing and Kayaking facilities are also available.

Restaurant and Amenities

The Floating Sushi Bar

The Floating sushi bar serves traditional sushi on a floating kayak decorated with flowers. The chefs float the kayak down the beach pool and tell you about the food they have prepared.

The floating sushi bar, Photo by: world_concierge_llc (Source: Instagram)
The floating sushi bar, Photo by: world_concierge_llc (Source: Instagram)

The Great House

The Great House offers a different theme for each night’s dinner service to keep things interesting and to offer guests a variety of cuisine. You can have drinks and cocktails at the bar or head up to the rooftop to enjoy a splendid dinner while watching the sunset.

Places of Interest

Pink Flamingos on Necker Island, Photo by: @1bexash (Source: Instagram)

Island wildlife scene

The island has a rich wildlife scene for you to explore. The island has 60 lemurs of six different species including three species of brown lemurs and two sub-species of ruffed lemur. These Madagascan lemurs are endangered and the owner of the island has a passion for their preservation. The lemurs reside in enclosures all around the Beach House and tennis courts. The island has a Flamingo breeding program that produced over 250 Flamingos. They can be found all over the island and in large flocks around the salt pond near Bali Hi beach. The island also conserves Aldabra giant tortoises and has 9 of them on the island. Besides these animals, the island is also a sanctuary for the Anegada Stout Iguana which is endemic to the British Virgin Islands. Thousands of wild life enthusiasts charter yachts to Necker Island each year just to take a look at the wildlife scene.

If you are an animal lover and want to enjoy the Caribbean with your favourite tropical animals, Necker Island is the place for you. Charter a yacht to Necker Island and enjoy the time of your life.

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