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Saba Rock

Posted by Naz on May 4, 2018
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The Saba Rock Resort is an exotic island retreat. It lies between Prickly Pear Island and the Bitter End. The islet of Saba rock was turned into a resort by diving instructor Burt Kilbrides. The resort is accessible only by charter yacht. The Resort offers launch service which picks up passengers from the North Sound if requested. It has a jetty that can accommodate the ferry traffic and a few charter yachts. You can tie your dinghy here and go explore the island. Be cautious that the passage between Prickly Pear Island and Saba Rock is full of corals, so that part must be avoided while treading by charter yacht. The Resort is currently under maintenance due to damages sustained during hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Saba Rock, Photo by: altamirabvi (Source: Instagram)

General Information

Saba Rock is one of the unique island resorts in the world. It is a small island resort on the outskirts of the Virgin Gorda Island. It is 1.8 miles east of Leverick Bay and 6.2 miles northwest of Spanish Town. Saba Rock provides world-class accommodations along with an endless array of activities for its guests. Guests at Saba rock can enjoy kayaking, sailing, and scuba diving among other activities. Due to these activities, Saba Rock has been among the most visited BVI yacht charter destinations.

Saba Rock Ferry Service, Photo by: @sabarockresort (Source: Instagram)

What to do in Saba Rock?

Saba Rock, Photo by: katiecassidy (Source: Instagram)

Saba Rock offers a number of activities for its charter yacht guests. Guests can rent kayaks or paddle boards and explore different beaches nearby. They can scuba dive and explore the ruins of RMS Rhone and snorkel at the Eustatia Reef. Saba Rock offers glass bottom boat tours for guests who want to see the coral reefs without getting wet. For more adventurous guests, Saba Rock offers Sailing, windsurfing and kiteboarding facilities. If you want a quiet fishing day, Saba Rock has that facility for you as well.

Restaurant and Amenities

The Saba Rock Lounge

The Saba Rock Lounge offers a variety of dining options for guests and sailors. The guests can enjoy a view of twinkling lights from moored sailboats and homes on the hills of Virgin Gorda while they enjoy their food and drink. The bar opens at 11 am daily. Dinner service starts from 6 pm and ends at 9 pm.

Food at the Saba Rock Lounge, Photo by: @sabarockresort(Source: Instagram)

Places of Interest

Iconic picture spot at the Saba Rock Nautical Museum, Photo by: @sabarockresort (Source: Instagram)

Saba Rock Gift Shop and Nautical Museum

The Saba Rock Gift shop is a great place to buy artefacts recovered from shipwrecks and handmade articles made locally. Famous Diver and founder of the resort Bert Kilbride has been known to dive in 138 shipwrecks and a selection of coins from the Atocha Shipwreck off the Florida Keys recovered by him are on sale at the gift shop.

The Museum displays artefacts recovered from the RMS Rhone shipwreck and other such shipwrecks that Kilbride visited.

An island resort with an immense historical appeal, Saba Rock is the perfect island getaway. Come charter a yacht and visit Saba Rock to indulge in true Caribbean hospitality.

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