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Raffling Point

Posted by Naz on April 22, 2018
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Between Pomato Point and Raffling Point, there is a long sandy beach. The beach is secluded and is one of the most beautiful beaches you can get by yacht charter in the Virgin Islands. The best anchorage is North of Pomato Point. You can get a bit closer to the beach if you nick the shallow waters a bit. There is a Summer Anchorage off Raffle Point at the west end. You have to be an experienced navigator to use this anchorage. You can carry 2m inside the reefs but it’s a tight spot for charter yachts. In winter, the groundswell can push you to shore or get you trapped inside the reef. This is why it is best to anchor here in late April, May and through the summer when there is no danger of groundswell.

Raffling Point , Photo by: kdn77 (Source: Instagram)
Raffling Point , Photo by: kdn77 (Source: Instagram)

General Information

In order to get around the Pomato Point Coral Reef, you must make a detour. Between Pomato Point and Raffling Point, there is an almost secluded beach. It is a white sandy beach that is one of the widest beaches in the Virgin Islands. Raffling point offers great snorkeling opportunities in the barrier reef for yacht charter tourists. It also has restaurants serving local food.

Raffling Point, Photo by : nicole.zwiers (Source : Instagram)
Raffling Point, Photo by : nicole.zwiers (Source : Instagram)

What to do in Raffling Point?

Raffling Point in Anegada, Photo by: grace_awaits (Source: Instagram)

Places of Interest


The Raffling point has one of the widest beaches among the British Virgin Islands yacht charter tourist spots. It is a white sandy beach that is a little concealed from the major tourist spots around Anegada. You can enjoy long relaxing walks along the beach. The water heading towards the ocean is shallow for a long stretch so it is an ideal spot for swimming and wading.

Deep Sea Fishing

You can go deep sea fishing from about everywhere in Anegada and Raffling point is no different. Head south from Raffling point to get to the prime locations for deep sea fishing.

Deep Sea Fishing, Photo by : lifeoftheseas (Source : Instagram)


Raffling point will undoubtedly be the best-named spot you have ever surfed at. The waves at the Raffling point are of shoulder height so it is just high enough to be fun and thrilling and just low enough for it to be dangerous. The wind at this point flows east by north-east.


There is a great spot for snorkeling just south of the Raffling point. You can snorkel in the barrier reef at this spot.

Surfing, Photo by : saguesa76 (Source : Instagram)

The Raffling point is the best place to be in if you are looking for a quite laid back beach day. Come sit back and relax on the white sand of Raffling point and absorb every bit of relaxation Anegada offers you.

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