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Ginger Island

Posted by Naz on April 26, 2018
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While approaching by your chartered yacht, you will find this island just across the turquoise water of Francis Drake Channel to the south of Tortola. The dreamy island has an area of 258 acres and is filled with rocky cliffs and green hills which makes it a fan favourite among island hoppers who like to charter yachts to the British Virgin Islands. The island is just a short distance away from the ferry connections and airport of the area.
It is located between Cooper Island and Virgin Gorda. The desolated island offers amazing views of the Caribbean Sea and 15 other islands of the BVI once you reach its hilltops, but it has no sheltered anchorage except for a lighthouse. From the island’s eastern hilltop, a beacon sends light to indicate the deep-water passage for large vessels and chartered yachts. You will find global flight connection just a bit more than 100 miles away in San Juan, Puerto Rico. You can avail yourself of the island hoppers at Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport that is located on Beef Island with a short ferry ride across Sir Francis Drake Channel.

Ginger island , Photo by: Captainjackandjaimey (Source : Instagram)
Ginger island , Photo by: Captainjackandjaimey (Source : Instagram)

General Information

Chartering a yacht to this uninhabited island of the BVI will provide you with one of the rare opportunities to run away from the reality and take in the most beautiful vista that nature could offer. The seaward passage between Round Rock and Ginger Island is deep but safe. The low-lying valleys of the island are covered with tamarind, cedar trees and loblollies. The bay side is surrounded by red and white mangroves.
The shrubby chaparral has some promising gradual hills with elevation up to 300 feet that could harbour a private estate. The reef formation of this heart-shaped dreamy island, however, allows only the most experienced chartered yacht sailors in the BVI to enter as this also means the developments could be done in proper seclusion. The blank slate of this island could be filled up with private luxury resorts similar or better than the ones found on Necker, Peter and Guana islands.

Ginger Island Photo by: bviblackbook (Source : Instagram)
Ginger Island Photo by: bviblackbook (Source : Instagram)

What to do in Ginger Island?

Ginger island , Photo by: Chantellealeman (Source : Instagram)

Ginger Island has some of the very best dive spots in the BVI. The place has no overnight spots as it is still untapped and bereft of the modern facilities. But the island has an abundant area for snorkelers. There are healthy reefs all around the area and the water is shallow.

Places of Interest

Sound Bay and Wedgeo Bay

These two bays form a heart on the south side of the Ginger Island and are lined by a beach that is unspoiled. For experienced sailors, this is a good area for the yachts to anchor. The 600 feet long peninsula, called John James Point, is almost 75 feet above the sea. This sanctuary within a sanctuary could be an ideal place for a restaurant or an estate home.  But right now, they are only occupied by seabirds and the wonderful marine life.

Alice in Wonderland , Photo by: Odyex (Source : Instagram)

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is one of the very popular diving sites among the visitors who charter yachts to the BVI to seek thrilling experiences. It is located in the South Bay and has mushroom-shaped coral heads providing shelter for lobsters and moray eels. You will find a great site for the beginner or intermediate divers on the north shore, located on Alice’s back door.

Ginger step, Photo by: Abailey1013 (Source : Instagram)

Ginger Steps

If you move towards farther east, you will find Ginger Steps. The calm waters of the South Bay make it an excellent spot for scuba. You could plan on going to Carvel Rock, only If you are an advanced diver. It faces the open ocean and attracts reef sharks and barracuda.

If you are looking for an escape away from the mundane realities of daily life, Ginger Island is the place to be.

Anchorages in Ginger Island:

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