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Top 10 BVI Catamaran Charters for 2023/2024

Posted by Yanna Pristas on December 21, 2022
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Jost Van Dyke
White Bay in Jost Van Dyke is the high point of every BVI catamaran charter
The Bubbly Pool - on a day with few visitors, the Bubbly Pool is an unforgettable place - next to Foxy's Taboo
Soper's Hole in West End - a historical place in the BVI with strategic position for navigation
Soper's Hole in West End - a historical place in the BVI with strategic position for navigation

The BVI are ideal for a catamaran charter – the distances are short, the tradewinds are consistent and the bars are plentiful. Increasingly, the catamarans are getting bigger – the 40-60 range from a few years ago is inflating to 60-80 range.

The demand for catamarans far outstrips the offer. Especially if you’d like a catamaran with a BVI trade license that can start and finish the charter from Nanny Cay on Tortola. The underlying reason are the charters that had to be rescheduled (some of them multiple times) and the record setting 2022 – highest demand for private charters in years.

Due to the turbulent years behind us, the demand for a crewed catamaran charters has skyrocketed while the offer being steady. Repeat charterers mean that the true offer of catamarans different from what is apparently available. The best catamarans are booked 1 year ahead or more, most great choices for popular dates are not available anymore 6 months ahead of the date.

Cooper Island Beach Club
Cooper Island - a great spot on the "Sunset Loop"

The stack of bookings, the frequent owner changes, complex and ever changing rules and regulations, increasing pressure on tips (20% is not enough for some yachts anymore and we’ve seen refused bookings because of a tip) mean there is a wide spectrum of catamarans – great catamarans in great shape with great crews, great looking catamarans with great pictures and not so great customer experience, catamarans that offer BVI pickup without proper permits, all the way to well presented catamarans in no-good shape that we try to avoid.

How can you know which catamaran is good and which one should be avoided? These are our most recommended catamarans. If you’re looking to charter, check with us and see what’s the recommendation on your choice.

Diving is an important element of chartering in the BVI - we do have brokers who are divers and can recommend best choices.
Diving is an important element of chartering in the BVI - we do have brokers who are divers and can recommend best choices.
Savannah Bay on Virgin Gorda - one of the most pristine places in the Virgin Islands
Savannah Bay on Virgin Gorda - one of the most pristine places in the Virgin Islands

Top 10 Catamarans we recommend for the 2023/2024 Charter Season in the BVI


Seaclusion is the perfect example of the direction the BVI crewed charters are going. 80 feet offers some serious space, an inspired chef, touch of yoga. Seaclusion is collecting trophies left and right, the reviews are great.

The experienced crew anticipates your desires and makes you feel special and pampered. That might seem generic but it’s not, one of our charter reviews literally says “the crew are a real ‘gem’ – keep it a secret – tell no one.” Sailing is a thing taken seriously, some of your best memories will happen cruising between locations – even for first time charterers.

If you’re having a hard time getting up, the breakfast is described as “fantastic.” There is a wide range of water toys.

If you’re looking for a wonderful boat and lovely people and your budget allows Seaclusion, look no further.


It’s a motor yacht, isn’t it? Right, you got it. Placing it here as an alternative for higher end charters (keep scrolling if not what you’re looking for).

Ok, so why is it here? Because many of the higher end catamaran queries actually end here. With the upper price range of catamarans crossing with motor yachts, there is a common pattern – if Angeleyes is available, it usually ends up being the yacht of choice. Is it available for your dates? Inquire now and see. Note that there are random calendars floating around the internet – don’t trust them and inquire.

Now, what’s so special about Angeleyes?

  • comfort for 10 guests. Catamarans of similar size are still catamarans. Most notable in the generous cabin sizes
  • BVI pickup
  • great reviews (consistently)
  • excellent water toys selection

The crew can be best described as polite and gentle, most reviews share the keyword “epic” and “vacation of a lifetime.”


Ebb & Flo

Are you going to be 6 guests?

Fantastic, Ebb & Flo is a great choice – classic 56ft Lagoon with bathing platform (easy access) and deck access from the master cabin. Refit in fall 2022!

  • memory foam beds, oil diffusers
  • Bose stereo
  • wood & white style
  • US crew
  • passionate captain and dive instructor

There is an agreement among charter brokers that Ebb & Flo is one of the best boats out there in terms of crew/boat/price mix. Additionally you might consider the half board option (additional discount) and have your lunch on shore.




A mid-range Lagoon 62 that is the first choice for many brokers. Captain, food and the boat are in top shape – a golden standard. The peak season price is almost double, so there is a good chance it’s available. The 62ft Lagoon takes 10(!) guests.

The uncomplicated recipe consists in the relatable captain, highly complimented food and knowledge of unique spots (Saba, Guana, etc) for water activities – kayaks, water skis, snorkeling. Ford’s mixed drinks to seal the deal.

The layout provides enough privacy for the 10 guests, with 2 master cabins in the aft with deck access.

Is Nomada still available for your dates? Inquire now.




C’est la vie

Winner of Best VIPCA Crew in Show 2022, the crew is absolutely the main attraction of the boats. Experience with the BVI’s, dedication and customer service mean that in our reviews, the boat is not mentioned as much (which is undeserved, she’s a spoilt yacht).

Further revolving around food – Sofie’s cooking does not stop at meals, the crew creates an atmosphere to the moment.

Engaging crew balancing professionalism with warm-hearted approach on a new 2022 Lagoon.



Oceana is a new Bali 48 from 2021 with 2 aft masters with deck access.

Professional and accommodating, the crew makes the boat. Speaking to client, Jon and Tracy is all over the place. Recurring themes are Tracy’s attention to detail and competence and knowledge of Jon. How does the knowledge translate? Picking the right spots, to start with. Pleasant company looking to enrich you. How does the attention to detail translate? EVERY meal was fantastic (“Each day, morning, noon, and night”), if arranged – the charter starts with an airport pickup.

The Bali catamaran is new and therefore in top shape, the water toys correspond to boat level but has a wakeboard, paddle boards and snorkels. “It’s about what you can do with it.” I’d just add – where you do it. Some of the best place to paddle board in my life was near Savannah Bay.

8 guests for the going charter rate is more than adequate and if she’s available, you’ll definitely see Oceana high on our list of options.

Mystic Soul

One of the most decorated yachts in the BVI – Mystic Soul is quite unique. Is your soul tired and needs a getaway? Mystic Soul has a track record for reviving your will to live.

Firstly, the 52ft Horizon Power Catamaran is for small groups (2-4 guests), which makes her ideal for small parties or wedding trips and anniversaries. The interior layout is quite unusual, with bar chairs and a huge sofa at the bow. The swimming platform is quite easy to access, ideal for guests with mobility issues – check the images for bed stairs.

Cuisine – Audrey has a culinary career outside the yachting world, which is not as common as you might think. Vegan + pescetarian + all other combinations are welcome and respected onboard Mystic Soul. Even picky teens look forward to the next meal.




If we’d have to guess the price level just based on pictures and data, we’d probably guess Bagheera a bit higher (note that the price is vatiable by the number of guests. A 2018 Lagoon 62 Bagheera is what we call a Jackpot – great crew on a good boat = great experience.

Availability can be an issue, experienced repeat clients book the best boats 1-3 years in advance taking them off the market. Waiting until 1 month before the charter, especially if the travel dates are in main season, pretty much guarantees the best boats will be signed.

Food- the keyword is variety. If you’re looking forward to try new thing, you’ll make chef Melissa very happy. 15 years of experience do mean she’s very adaptable.

The captain is great with kids, a popular boat for families. Relaxing for the parents while the kids are occupied.

Repeat charterers approve this golden standard boat (great crew, great boat), taking the golden standard to a new limit that should be named – “Better than First Class.”

If you have the BVI’s on your bucket list, you have a group of 8 including children and you want to make sure the crew and the boat will leave you with unforgettable memories, inquire now. Bagheera might still be available!

Respite at Sea

Respite at Sea is recent “Best Crew in Show” winner in it’s category, the 2018 Lagoon 56 is one of the first choices for a group of 6 and less.

The 2 most repeated phrases are Sailing and Cuisine. It might appear that all the catamarans in the BVI have absolutely fabulous chefs. That’s not the case. If you pick one of the catamarans here, that’s the first step. If they’re not available, talk to us. We’re very involved in the BVI crewed yacht community and cooperate on multiple levels, from licensing to articles.

Sailing – it’s not that common to have guests comment on the sailing. With Respite at Sea, that’s the magnet! As a man, I often think of chartering a sailboat. Then family gets involved, problematic guests, heeling… Another catamaran charter… With Respite at Sea, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The upside is that captain Ross have a way to get others involved in the sail, teaching important lessons in the process.

If you’re a group of 6 and less and Respite at Sea is available for your dates, look no further.



Odyssea boasts a 2012 Fountain Pajot 59 with an enlarged master cabin. We’ve started with some higher budget yachts and if you’ve scroll down here, we’re picking Odyssea to represent this range. Let’s get the 2012 year of production out of the way – refit is done yearly. If you’re still reading, Odyssea is a great choice for families.

The keywords here – clean, relaxed, effortless. We’ll start with effortless- there might or might not be boats where the crews are really really trying, even get the job done, at great cost. It takes a higher level to navigate a boat/cook with amazing results and great efficiency. That sets the relaxing stage for all things coming – the time savings allow the crew to spend time with the youngest members of the charter and provide much needed downtime for their parents – who again, are in complete confidence their kids are in good hands.

We recommend this boat if there are members of the group who are “looking forward less” towards the charter, as good crews are not that common in the price range – Dylan and Gi  come highly recommended.

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