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Anchoring at Maya Cove (Hodges Creek)

Posted by Michael on April 23, 2018
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Maya Cove-Hodges Creek
Hodges creek in Maya cove

photo credit: marina.com

<h2>Anchoring in Maya Cove (Hodges Creek)</h2>

<p>Maya Cove often referred to as Hodges Creek is an anchorage located south of Parham town, Tortola, British Virgin Island. Maya Cove is approximately half a mile west of Buck Island along the Southeastern shore of Tortola. It typically is a couple of minutes from the Beef Island airport. Usually, to get to this anchorage, you’ll have to go around Buck Island. This is because the passage between the Island and the mainland is impossible to travel on.</p>

<p>Maya Cove has a reef (a line of rock or sand just above or below the surface of the sea which is often dangerous to ships). It also has a shallow area on both sides of its channel which also extends outside of the bay. The reef spreads through Whelk point which is at the entrance of Maya Cove to the West. The reef is also off your starboard as you make an entrance into the channel from the northeastern side. It’s also important to go through this channel with the presence of power as it’s very narrow.</p>

<p>Even though the reef is dangerous to ship or charter boats when it is collided with, it acts as a beautiful protective shelter making charter boats anchored on it very safe especially at night. The outer signals or marker that should alert ships or boats on the presence of a reef is missing on the bay. However, there are visible markers of red and green that could be used to define entry into or out of the bay.</p>

<p>The Maya Cove is often full of hustle and bustle, especially around the Hodges Creek Marina which is a dock that is fully serviced with moorings and supplies for yachts and boats( water, ice, shower and fuel). If you are looking to harbour on this bay, the preferred place would be the southern end of the harbour near the mooring field; as the shore would be too shallow to anchor. The anchorage on the Maya Cove is a bit tight for anchorage as most of its space on the shore is occupied by paid moorings and shoals. However, it has an excellent holding ground and often full of charter yachts.</p>

photo credit: www.trover.com

<h3>Side Attractions At Maya Cove (Hodges Creek)</h3>

<p>Maya Cove (Hodges Creek) is often a beehive of activities, which typically during busy seasons. It’s the home of the Calamaya- a marina restaurant that serves Caribbean and Mediterranean delicacies. They offer meals at breakfast, noon and dinner, leaving visitors and residents with awesome choices.</p>

<p>The Hodges Creek Marina hotel directly faces the harbour on the Caribbean Sea and is housed in two buildings. Here you can find wifi-access, flat screen TV, and equipment for making tea and coffee. You have the privilege of catching the excellent scenery of the anchorage from the hotel, plus separate living rooms and room service availability to guests. Top-notch restaurant, bar and an outdoor pool are also present.

<p>Other hotels are available in the surrounding areas of the Maya Cove (Hodges Creek), leaving you with a variety of options.</p

Maya Cove (Hodges Creek) is located in:

Welcome To Maya Cove (Hodges Creek) – Tortola- BVI

Maya Cove(Hodges Creek) -Marine shelter

Hodges Creek also serves as a hurricane hole- a deep inlet that’s surrounded by strong trees or mangroves, which has the ability to wade off hurricane winds which could be as high as 360 degrees. This characteristic makes it possible for Maya Cove to provide different levels of shelter to charter ship or boats.

A hurricane hole or marine shelter should normally be far enough inland so as to avoid winds that are extreme, but also close enough to shore so that it can be easily accessible on short notice. Aside from the Hodges Creek, other hurricane holes are Sea Cows Bay and Sopers hole.

This information becomes handy because once in every 11 years, there’s a projection that Tortola would be hit by a hurricane; whose seasons typically starts from the first of June to November.

In 2017, Hodges Creek was hit by Hurricane Irma which presently makes the Creek as at the time of writing with no fuel and no ice in its marina but water is available. A grocery store and restaurant in the East end are still available and can be accessed by a dinghy or Taxi.

illustration of hurricane hole. Maya Cove( Hodges Creek)

Illustration of Hurricane hole.
Image by marinas.com

Anchoring at Maya Cove (Hodges Creek) is located on the island of:

Anchoring at Maya Cove (Hodges Creek) location:

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