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Road Town

Posted by Mrinal on April 23, 2018
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Road Town, located on Tortola, is the capital of the British Virgin Islands. It’s located in the mid of the island’s south coast which resembles like a horseshoe shape.

The area is mildly populated with a gross count of nearly ten thousand. The temperature, weather, and presence of calm Caribbean waters make it a perfect spot for enthusiasts.

Famous for outdoor exercise, fishing, swimming or snorkeling. In recent time, the Road Town emerged as the heaven for yacht chartering and promoted tourism.

Road Town, Photo by : mandy_corsa07 (Source : Instagram)


As Road Town is surrounded by Road Harbor, there is a number of anchorages ranging from Fort Burf, through Wickham’s Cay, to Baugher’s Bay.


Most of Tortola’s life takes place around Road Town, its capital, which lies at the head of Road Harbour’s vast bay. The settlement of bright multicolored houses is focused on the main street which runs along the shore and connects the marina of Fort Burt with Road Town. Fort Burt Marina is the nearest marina to the Road Town and located on the west side of the harbor beneath Burt Point.

Whereas, just north of the town, Wickam’s Cay is a major center for yacht businesses. The development of Government offices and a big dock for Cruise liners are also underway.

Restaurants and Amenities

While at Road Town, you will see several restaurants, beach bars, bakeries, shops, and several yacht charter companies.

Here are a few restaurants where you can plan your lunch, dinner, breakfast, snacks:

  • Breakfast: Midtown Restaurant – Tourists prefer skipping their breakfast on the ship to commence their day with salt fish, boiled eggs, and slices of fresh johnnycake.
  • Lunch: Pusser’s Road Town Pub – This pub serves the food in an island shape similar to that of the Road Town structure. Lunch includes but not limited to seafood, chowder, jerk pork roti, curried chicken all served with mango chutney. Drinks include the famous cocktail, the painkiller, specially prepared using Pusser’s dark rum, pineapple and orange juices and cream of coconut.
  • Snack: Crandall’s Pastry Plus – Baked patties of every type including conch, lobster, beef, sweet dessert. Make sure to try various fruit tarts here.
Road Town, Photo by : melbak_ (Source : Instagram)

Things to Do in Road Town

  • For couples: Bitter End Yacht Club – Get to a cruise or a yacht and spent some siling and beach time. A 30-minute journey towards the other side of the island will leave you at the perfect location for sunning, sailing, snorkeling and yoga on the beach.
  • For Families: Want to gift your family some of the memorable moments of their life, visit Dolphin Discovery. At this dolphin paradise, you will get the chance to swim alongside the dolphin. Moreover, there is a spot where you can watch various stunts performed by dolphins.
  • For the Adventurous: Sage Mountain National Park – If hiking is you good-to-go thing, consider this as your next stop. This park houses the highest point in the BVI. The forest comprises of cedar and mahogany and presents an exquisite experience.
  • Rhone National Marine Park: It is basically wreckage of the HMS Rhone mail ship which sunk during a hurricane in 1867. It’s better to learn something before dive there, as you will find the wreckage so real. The marine life along with bright coral will amaze you.

General Information

  • Road Town is the home of one the first bareboat charter company in the world. What was once started with just a fleet of three, witnessed an exponential growth with each passing year.
  • It has restaurants, pubs, bars, bakeries, shops, and several yacht charter companies.
  • Due to high temperature, it is advised to avoid this place during summer when the mercury reaches 80°F. Carribean summer makes this island quite humid.
The sea. Photo Credit: Luigi Rosa

Road Town is located on the island of:

Road Town location:

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