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Scrub Island Marina

Posted by Queen on April 25, 2018
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The journey to Scrub Island is a breeze. If you’re coming from abroad, you may want to board your first flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Then, you can board a connecting flight to Beef Island/Tortola, from which Scrub Island is barely 10 minutes away on a refreshing dinghy ride. There are two heliports available to guests.

Scrub Island Marina, Photo by:  scrubisland_bvi (Source: Instagram)
Scrub Island Marina, Photo by: scrubisland_bvi (Source: Instagram)

Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina

Sitting pretty at the W tip of Scrub Island (VHF 60) is this Marina that’s utterly spectacular to behold and experience, during the day or at night. Development has been ongoing for quite some years now, and the results are increasingly stunning!

As of today, Scrub Island Marina boasts of 50 luxury guest suites with carefully-planned water views. In addition to this, it has reliable facilities (like a spa, restaurants, private beaches, electrify and water) that boating visitors can freely enjoy. Just in case you were wondering, durable water docking slips are available to accommodate up to 160-feet long boats. So yeah, Scrub Island Resort, Spa and Marina is worth all the hype.



With limited availability of boats but enchanting affairs to attend to along the beach, White Bay provides you with an experience that is second to none. From anchoring, mooring to ding hying or just randomly taking in the picturesque view, this place is well and truly one of its kind.

Scrub Island Marina, Photo by: scrubisland_bvi (Source: Instagram)

Restaurant and Amenities

Coco Loco’s

This place serves delectable pizzas, tacos and roti. The menu also includes items from burgers, fish & chips to baby back ribs, lobster and steak. You can have your food inside at the counter or out on the beach at one of the tables. They have wonderful servers and great food.

Next to Coco Loco’s, you will find Shenique’s Gift Shop where you can buy beach wraps, t-shirts, jewelry and other things that might take your fancy.

Food in Scrub Island Marina, Photo by :scrubisland_bvi (Source : Instagram)

Seddy Callwood’s One Love Bar & Grill

To satiate your appetite, this is a great restaurant to go to. At first glance, you might mistake this place as Bomba’s Shack and think that you might have taken a wrong turn on your way. But once you look closely, you will see that this has been furnished by someone who has a knack for asymmetrical design but has much more of an A type personality than Bomba.

Jewel’s Snack Shack

If you are looking for a delicatessen, your next bet out there is Jewel’s Snack Shack. The place offers proper, deli style hot dogs and burgers.  The owner of this joint, Juliette is quite the chatty one and will always come up with a joke to lighten up your mood. The party punch there is a must-try.


This is doubtless the best place for Roti on JVD. This modest-looking place serves the best chicken roti you can find, along with other great options on the menu. The owner of this place, Gertrude Callwood, is a thoroughly amusing character to be acquainted with.

Places of Interest

Adventures in Scrub Island Marina, Photo by :scrubisland_bvi (Source : Instagram)

Frank Mahoney’s, Sea and Land Adventures

At the far end of the west of White Bay beach, you will find Frank Mahoney’s. This place offers different types of water toy rentals and ATV tours of JVD.

Drinks in Soggy Dollar Bar, Photo by : nicolemayhem (Source : Instagram)

Soggy Dollar Bar

It is nip and tuck between the Soggy Dollar Bar and the Ivan’s as to which one is the most popular place on the beach. This bar has some of the most affable personalities as their staff who relentlessly provide a friendly service with the most convivial atmosphere. The place also offers numerous bar games to choose from that you can partake in.

Ivan’s Stress Free Bar, Photo by : aviaprivatecharters (Source : Instagram)

Ivan’s Stress Free Bar

If you are looking to immerse yourself in a scenic view with a laid-back atmosphere, as the name suggests, this is the place you want to go to let go of all your stress. Located right past the stony outcropping, on the east side of the White Bay, this is one of its defining places. Ivan Chinnery, owner of this place, is one of the original residents of JVD and is a wonderful person to talk to. A restaurant with a little gazebo offering the best possible view, it is impossible to think of a visit to White Bay without dropping by at Ivan’s.

Feel the Experience at White Bay!

White bay is a portion of the paradise itself and if you are looking to take away a perennial set of memories and souvenirs with you, be sure to come to this picture-perfect place.

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