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Wickham’s Cay II

Posted by Naz on May 8, 2018
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Wickham’s Cay II is located at the head of Road Harbor towards the north. Once you start approaching Wickham’s Cay on your Virgin Island yacht charter you should notice a cruise ship dock. This is going to catch your attention even more if there are cruise ships in port. You will have to leave the cruise ship dock to port and then pass through the entrance that is marked by the breakwater. Inside the breakwater, there is a red and a green buoy which are the only buoys inside Wickham’s Cay. You will find Wickham’s Cay II towards the starboard side of your charter yacht once you move past the breakwater.

Wickham’s Cay II, Photo by: earth_plants_animals (Source: Instagram)

General Information

Wickham’s Cay II is known as the home of charter companies including three of the most popular BVI yacht charter companies: The Moorings, Sunsail and Footloose. This is a great place to start your adventure. Despite being dominated by charter yachts, at the north end of Wickham’s Cay II, there are also accommodation facilities available for non-charter yachts and visitors on C dock. There are other services and amenities available as well including fuel for charter yachts. You can contact with Wickham’s Cay Marina on VHF 12.

The Moorings Marina, Wickham’s Cay II, Road Town, Tortola, Photo By: alexbeau10 (Source: instagram)

What to do in Wickham’s Cay II?

Wickham’s Cay II, Photo by: travel_with_the_whitakers (Source: Instagram)

Home to the most popular BVI yacht charter companies, Wickham’s Cay II is the perfect place for yachties from all around the globe to embark on an adventure. You will find great restaurants, hotels and provisioning options here.

Restaurant and Amenities

There are a few restaurants that provide burgers and higher-end entrees. But they might seem a bit pricey. There is a restaurant called, Charlies, named after the founder of the Moorings, Charlie Cary. It is located on the southern end by the B dock. They offer a bit higher end menu and bar, but with casual and open-air dining. There is also a breakfast and lunch café, including a store where you can rent DVD players, cell phones and other electronics. There is also another small market where you can buy beer, wine and liquor from.
If you are looking for more adult beverages, you must try TICO. It is located in Wickham’s Cay II and just a walking distance away from the marina. They offer a full line of wine, beer and liquor. You could pick up what you want right away upon your arrival provided you pre-ordered from their website.

Places of Interest

The Moorings Marina, Wickham’s Cay II, Road Town, Tortola, Photo By: emmaspencerrn (Source: instagram)

The Moorings, Sunsail Marina

Here you will find three pontoons providing 140 equipped berths. Just on the opposite shore, the pontoon is reserved for the boats of footloose yacht charters but they are partnered with The Moorings. There are quite a few berths available for visiting boats but it is recommended that you check with them beforehand. The Moorings offers an amazing provisioning service for the bareboat charterers. Their packages include a wide variety of food and beverage options.
Operations are done on the D dock for the Sunsail yacht charter company. The office is located at the end of D dock. This was used by The Moorings prior to the renovation. The complex has showers and washrooms.

Colorful stores lining the waterfront, The Mariner Inn, Wickham’s Cay II, Road Town, Tortola, Photo By: z_e_photography (Source: instagram)

The Mariner Inn

There is a hotel ashore, called The Mariner Inn, and it has a restaurant on the quayside. The complex has a few small shops and a dive centre.
The washrooms with spa style showers will provide you with a fresh start to your cruise. The stocked minimarket is close by which is a good place for provisioning.

Treasure Island Dock (Footloose Dock), Photo by: h.onysu2 (Source: Instagram)

Treasure Island Dock (Footloose Dock)

The pontoon off the Treasure Island Hotel which is located on the north shore consists of several berths that are taken by Footloose Sailing Charter. They are affiliated with The Moorings.
You will find the boatyard of Tortola yacht charter Services ashore, on the large flat area of Wickham’s Cay II. It has a well-stocked chandlery and a big travel-hoist. It is a useful place to stop by as there are quite a few yacht repair and fabrication specialists. You will also find Cay Electronics here with the same outfit as the one in Antigua.

Wickham’s Cay II is the ideal place to set out for your sailing adventures. With the biggest concentration of skilled services and provisioning facilities, this place might really come in handy once you take off on your journey.

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