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Wickham’s Cay I

Posted by Naz on May 8, 2018
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Wickham’s Cay I is located at the head of Road Harbor towards the north. When you start approaching Wickham’s Cay on your Virgin Island yacht charter you should notice a cruise ship dock.. This is going to be even more noticeable if there are cruise ships in port. Move along through the entrance which is marked by breakwater by leaving the cruise ship dock to port. Inside the breakwater, there is a red and a green buoy which are the only buoys inside Wickham’s Cay. You will find Wickham’s Cay I just inside Wickham’s Cay towards the port side of your charter yacht as you enter.

Wickham’s Cay I, Photo by: danillo_laprovidence (Source: Instagram)

General Information

Wickham’s Cay I is known as the home to Village Cay Marina. The marina boasts a docking space for 120 boats. You will have full accommodations available here and access to provisions. You will also have easy access to downtown Road Town.
You can contact with Village Cay Marina dock master on VHF channel 16. Most importantly, you will have all the necessities and amenities available at Wickham’s Cay I, from food, shopping to banking services.

Village Cay, Road Town, Tortola, Photo By: _happywind_ (Source: instagram)

What to do in Wickham’s Cay I?

Wickham’s Cay I, Photo by: leventemark (Source: Instagram)

This is the part of Wickham’s Cay where you will find numerous bars, restaurants, shops and even banking services. The marina quay is an ideal spot for the yachties to meet up and spend some quality time together.

Places of Interest

Village Cay Marina, Photo by: radeaver (Source: Instagram)

Village Cay Marina

Village Cay Marina is located in the southwest part of Wickham’s Harbor. This is the most popular stop for yachties coming to Road Town. There are berths available for as many as 100 visiting BVI yachts up to the biggest (<2.5 m loa) in 2m to 3m range, and all of them have water and electricity. Look for the fuel dock at the end of the first pontoon.

The marina quay is the place where the charter yachts prefer to stop by. You will be welcomed with a host of shops, bars and restaurants all around the streets and along the harbour walls. Most of these restaurants serve delicious seafood. Some of them will also give you an opportunity to try some delectable European cuisine. They all should be within your budget. Village Cay Hotel and Marina will provide you with comfortable accommodation facilities, and a rare opportunity for waterfront dining in an authentic Caribbean setting. There is a chandlery along with various other shops, and a big Rite Way supermarket that keeps this place vibrant and lively.

Inner Harbor Marina

Inner Harbor Marina is located right next to Village Cay Marina on the south wall. The marina has 20 berths and all of them have water and electricity. There is a 3m draught after dredging.
Most of the berths are occupied by the yacht charter company which controls and runs the marina. The fuel dock of this harbour is located on the end of the quay at an angle. Be wary of the fact that on the east side of the dock, the depths could get reduced to less than 2m. You will find the marina office at the end of the quay ashore. There is also another fuel dock available during high season.

Run away from the drudgeries of daily life and enjoy the authentic Caribbean experience by stopping by at Wickham’s Cay I.

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