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Fort Burt Marina

Posted by Naz on May 4, 2018
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As you approach on your BVI charter, in order to enter the Front Burt Marina make sure you make a wide circuit to the North to avoid the shoals which are about 200m from the Burt Point. From there the access channel is buoyed till the anchorage zone, depth of about 5-7m, in front of Fort Burt Marina. The Marina has about 2-2.5m of the pontoons, all provide water and electricity. Also, there are other facilities such as fuel station, service station etc.

Fort Burt Marina, Photo by: bromac_15 (Source: Instagram)
Fort Burt Marina, Photo by: bromac_15 (Source: Instagram)

General Information

The Colonial Fort Burt was built the southwest edge of the Road Town, Tortola. It is named after the Governor of Leeward islands, William Burt. It offers a pleasant view of the Road Harbour and nearby places. The site is now a hotel and restaurant of the same name. Though very little of the original site is left, one of the cannons from that period is still found here.

Ashore, there are various facilities which fulfil the basic needs of guests on charter yachts. The office of Fort Burt Marina is located alongside a bareboat charter company atop of one of the buildings. There is also a specialist outboard mechanic available on the quay. Along the road leading to road Reef and Prospect Reef, there is a large chandlery and Rite-Way Supermarket. The only bar-restaurant ashore is ‘The Pub’. From the former Penn’s Marina, located at the North, about 25 pontoons have been managed. These berths are equipped with water and electricity. Due to all the facilities, it gets charter yacht visits very frequently.

Fort Burt Marina, Photo by: mx805ciclista (Source: Instagram)
Fort Burt Marina, Photo by: mx805ciclista (Source: Instagram)

What to do in Fort Burt Marina?

Fort Burt Marina, Photo by: knittinginourgenes (Source: Instagram)

Restaurant and Amenities

The Pub

The popular bar-restaurant, The Pub, is located on the water edge at Fort Burt Marina. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their terrace provides a great view and is a popular hangout spot. The dishes range from 10 to 50 dollars. Getting such good quality of food in such price is a steal for yacht charter guests when you compare it to other similar establishments in the BVI.

Places of Interest

Front Burt Hotel, Photo by: disnyfan83 (Source: Instagram)

There are various places to visit nearby the Marina. There is the Fort Burt Hotel which has outdoor swimming and a restaurant. There are various yacht charters available for sailing into the British Virgin Islands such as Conchon Charters, Aristocat Charters, Elusive Charters etc. Then along the Waterfront Drive the Old Government House Museum, which was home to high officials, is open for visitations. The Sunny Caribbee Spice Shop & Art Gallery offers the authentic Caribbean spices and crafts designed by West Indies. There are more supermarkets and restaurants available in the mainland.

Fort Burt Marina offers sailors various facilities such as service station, boat store, Mooring, Gas station and Refreshments provided from the Hotel or The Pub. One could say it is ‘Heaven’ for Boats.

Fort Burt Marina is located on the island of:

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