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Brandywine Bay

Posted by Tammy on April 26, 2018
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View from Brandywine Estate Restaurant

Anchoring at Brandywine Bay

Typically tradewinds are moderate into Brandywine Bay but southern winds can make anchoring challenging so be careful when entering the bay under those conditions. Located between Maya Cove and Road Harbour, Brandywine Bay is a small bay with 10- to 12-foot-deep water at the entrance.

The bay’s entrance is covered with coral and clear visibility is required to detect the passageway between two reefs. Sometimes, two identification buoys are easy to spot; other times, they’re challenging to spot. Look for a neo-Colonial house on the tip of the north point at sea level, and use that as a guide.

Anchor in the northeast part of the bay in 2 to 3 meters across from the condo development. Leave swing room offshore to deal with potential shifting winds.

In the past, Brandywine Bay Restaurant (VHF 16), located on the east side of the bay, has operated four or five overnight moorings reserved for dinner guests. Other moorings are private and belong to apartment guests.

Brandywine Bay sunset
Brandywine Bay sunsets are breathtaking. (Photo: Brandywine Estate Restaurant)

Reasons to visit Brandywine Bay

Located east of Road Town on the southern side of Tortola, Brandywine Bay features a white sand beach – rebuilt with several thousand tons of sand brought in by the government of the BVI after significant erosion. Except in the winter, the water is usually calm, and it’s a good spot for swimming, snorkeling and beachcombing.

Brandywine Bay, Photo by: bashbvi (Source: Instagram)

Where to eat at Brandywine Bay

Brandywine Estate Restaurant

A path leads up to a restaurant. Popular for its breathtaking sea views over the Sir Francis Drake Channel and its delicious Mediterranean cuisine, Brandywine Estate Restaurant opened in 2012. Popular dinner dishes have included paella, steak, lobster thermidor, and Chilean seabass, complemented by cocktails and dessert.

The restaurant is currently closed due to damage caused by Hurricane Irma. According to the restaurant’s website, repairs to the building, roof and gardens are expected to be completed by summer 2018. When operational, the restaurant monitors VHF 16 for dinner reservations and mooring instructions.

Regis Bourdon, chef and owner of Brandywine Estate Restaurant, created Adopt A Roof BVI, which enables people to sponsor or “adopt” individual roofs in order to “start putting roofs on homes.”

A second location – called The Rooftop by Brandywine Estate Restaurant – is scheduled to open soon. Featuring a wine bar vibe, the restaurant will serve grill items, salads, tapas and wine. It’ll open on top of the Cutlas Building in Road Town.

View of the deck at the original Brandywine Estate Restaurant. (Photo: Brandywine Estate Restaurant)

Brandywine Bay is located on the island of:

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