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Marina Cay

Posted by Mrinal on April 29, 2018
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Just off the east end of Tortola, Marina Cay is a picturesque island surrounded by a reef with deep anchorage on the northwestern side. Uninhabited until 1937, this 8-acre island is surrounded by Beef, Scrub Island, and Grand Camanoe Islands.

On your BVI yacht charter, you will explore the exotic marine life while scuba diving or snorkeling at Marina Cay. You will sail to excellent anchoring and mooring spots here, thanks to the well-protected anchorage.

Marina Cay. Photo Credit: Mark Goebel


You would think the reef surrounding Marina Cay would make it difficult to anchor here, however, its enormous mooring field can hold any number of ships and charter boats. If anchoring, you will find decent holding ground. Avoid anchorage here in case of a north swell.

A tip, try the spot near the restaurant, you will stay out of the constant current and the swell. Should you wish to stay overnight, you can pay at the Moor-Seacure who have 30 mooring buoys available for charter yachts. Being a popular destination, the moorings here tend to fill up pretty quickly, so try to arrive early in the morning.


This pretty little island can be spotted from a good way off thanks to the bright red roofs of its bungalows. A word of caution, the island is surrounded by an extensive reef from the northwest to the southwest.

A red buoy marks the seaward end; you can’t miss it. Virgin Island charter yachts frequent this anchorage which use the hotel’s mooring buoys. Planning to visit Marina Cay from Trellis, there’s also a ferry dock for ferries plying from Trellis Bay.

Marina Cay. Photo Credit: Gail Frederick

Restaurants and Amenities

Phone Booth at Marina Cay Docks. Photo Credit: anoldent
Beachside at Marina Cay. Photo Credit: kseast

Pusser’s Landing Store Shop

Charter yachts frequently stop here for lunch or dinner. The Caribbean delicacies and American BBQs are to die for. By the menu, you will find the little snippets of the history of the island. Impress your folks back home with your historical acumen! Fall in love with the Creole influence, while watching the ocean from the restaurant terrace.

The Hilltop Bar and Restaurant

Built at the house of Robb White and his wife, the first inhabitants of this island, this is the highest point in Marina Cay. While at the Hilltop Bar, enjoy cocktails while enjoying live pirate music. Bring your kids to the croquet court above the bar, an open area with a breathtaking view of Virgin Gorda islands.

Fuel Dock

Fill up on your provisions at the Fuel Dock or get your picture clicked inside a classic red London phone booth to share on social media! Get your laundry done or take a quick shower and top up on your fresh water and ice while at the Fuel Dock.

Things to do in Marina Cay

Scuba Diving: If you wish to enjoy a nice dive, Dive BVI could be your destination. The instructors are excellent, and the bareboat charters are tidy and well-maintained. While diving, enjoy the local tropical flowering plants and coral formations.

Snorkeling: There is decent snorkeling available in the area. Marina Cay is the perfect place for a family vacation, kids and adults alike can enjoy the breathtaking views of various sea turtles, Blue Tang, Barracuda and a lot more while snorkeling. Moreover, if you wish to explore the bay further, there is an excellent snorkeling spot north of the island along Grand Camanoe. A tip, you can tie on to the dinghy line there while snorkeling.

Josiah’s Bay: One of the more secluded beaches near Marina Cay, you will fall in love with the beauty of this place. Collect shells or surf just off the beach. You can make your own drinks at Naomi’s Secret Bar, except for the Sour sap Daquiri that Naomi makes herself. Try the Conch Fritters or the Carib Beer, keep your tab on a piece of paper and pay when you leave!

Surf BVI: If you are interested in surfing, make sure to check out Surf BVI. Located next to Josiah’s Bay, Steve and his crew are complete professionals and are excellent instructors. Even with no experience, you will be surfing the Caribbean waters in no time!

There are various ship and yacht available for rentals at Marina Cay. Book in advance or pay as you go, there are a lot of options available. Explore the nearby islands or watch the sunset with your loved ones while sailing on calm waters.

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